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in your community.

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What is IQcaptcha?
  • IQcaptcha protects your website from idiots and trolls.

    IQcaptcha uses progressive matrices combined with high school calculus to keep potato brains from engaging in mentally unsound endeavors on your website. Meanwhile, intelligent users will be able to login, write comments, view pages or create accounts and dumb-ass airheads will be blocked.

  • Proven

    Progressive matrices have been in use for almost 100 years to accurately predict IQ even in small children. On the other hand, high school grade calculus somewhat accurately predicts at least a high school level education. If combined, they guarantee a minimum IQ of about 100.

  • Easy to install

    IQcaptcha can be used like Google reCAPTCHA v2, but it doesn't require API keys to use. You can (and should) run it from your own server, if not only to prevent poor quality of service. IQcaptcha is released under the GPLv3 license. The code is available on Github.

  • Customer-unfriendly

    To no surprise, most people totally are moronic dipwits. They will get frustrated within seconds and leave your website forever. Damn stupid idiots.

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But keep in mind that it is brand new and still very basic. If you want to contribute, you can submit new matrices, new feature ideas or code improvements via Github. In any case, please make sure to read the first.