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what a massively active community you have here

what i want to know is why this even needs to exist and is it an out of season april fools day joke?

this whole thing is a dumb fucking idea
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Re: wow

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I originally had the idea for April fool's, but then it sort of got out of hand.

Most of the legwork has already done. It doesn't take much to make the captcha easier, or more difficult. Whatever you need.

There are a lot of cases where IQcaptcha is actually useful. For one, the best spam protection comes from captchas that aren't exactly in widespread use. If you have a blog or some website and see a mini IQ test as a bonus, then this IQcaptcha is just for you.

Also IQcaptcha behaves just like reCAPTCHA. You can very easily turn a plugin for reCAPTCHA into an IQcaptcha plugin.

You could also easily turn IQcaptcha into a regular captcha.

There are plenty of possibilities.
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